Support after Homicide
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Support after Homicide is a national voluntary organisation which provides emotional support and practical information to people whose lives have been affected by homicide.
This is a free confidential service provided by our trained volunteers
The Support after Homicide service offers you the option of talking things through in total confidence.
We understand how difficult it can be sorting out the practicalities while you are coping with the shock and trauma of losing someone suddenly. Our team of specially trained volunteers provide:
  • One to one support
  • Family support
  • Support groups
We also provide group therapy. We can arrange to meet you on a regular basis over a period of time, as an individual or as a family group. 
The service also provides information and liaison with other statutory bodies.
We pride ourselves on being a transparent professional charity ( CHY18274), strictly adhering to the charity commission guidelines.

Support After Homicide marks 20 years service to Families of Homicide Victims
Family Support

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