Support after Homicide
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We are a national voluntary organisation which provides emotional support and practical information to people whose lives have been affected by homicide. It is a free confidential service provided by trained volunteers nationwide.
The death of someone close to you through a violent crime is a devastating and traumatic experience. Sudden, unexpected death brings particular distress to the bereaved families. Talking to an experienced volunteer outside the family can be helpful. When someone has been bereaved by homicide they can often feel lonely, frightened and truly feel that no one understands. Talking confidentially to someone who understands can help. Dealing with multiple emotions can be exhausting for the bereaved. We offer non judgemental compassionate support which can help you realise that you are not alone with your pain and distress.
We offer emotional support and practical inforamtion.
We understand how difficult it can be sorting out the practicalities while you are coping with the shock and trauma of losing someone suddenly. Our team of specially trained volunteers provide:
  • One to one support
  • Family support
  • Support groups

We also provide group therapy.

Homicide Support Ireland
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