Support after Homicide
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Homicide Support

Support after Homicide is a national voluntary organisation which provides emotional support and practical information to people whose lives have been affected by homicide. This is a free and confidential service, provided by professionally trained volunteers and is funded by the Commission for the Support of Victims of C rime.
Support after Homicide (SAH) is in its nineteenth year of operation. SAH responds to the particular needs of families bereaved by homicide. Our specially trained volunteers do this by giving one-to-one support, to people in their own homes or an alternative venue, whatever suits.
We also give practical information regarding inquests, the trial, meeting with the legal team, applying for compensation and other processes which are particular to a death by homicide. Should you wish one of our volunteers to call you simply ring 087 983 7322 and we will arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you.

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Support after Homicide
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