Support after Homicide
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Support after Homicide Testimonials

"To have someone unrelated to us who understood our desperation and loss was great comfort and help. She understood our feelings from every angle and is obviously a very experienced and caring person."
Thank you very, very much. Mary
"I received excellent service and Iam very greatful."
Thank you John
"I got great support. The counsellor was fantasic they helped me and got me to where I am today. Without their help I would have been lost. I cannot thank them enough. I was blassed to have them they were great. A very special thank you to my counsellor how helped me through a very hard time. My counsellor help me greatly." Kate
"As our tragedy occured in a foreign country the only offer of support we got was from SAH and I am very greatful for this. My counsellor helped me greatly." Mary
"Telling people the way the body reacted to shock. Because I thought I was going mad only for this was explained to me very well. Now when things happen to me like forgetting things and other things I know is all part of the grief." Marie
"I felt that the service covered everything that I need and reailly helped me to come to terms with what happened and give me the strenght to carry on with my life." Paul
"The service that you provide to myself was second to none. Without the help I received when we need it most. I'll never forget the loss of my son, but the pain eases with time and prayer. Thank you most sincerely." Catherine
"The only support I would have got during my whole ordeal was the help I got from Support After Homicide. I have to say it was SAH that was there with me. Its very good, because I literally wouln't have known who to turn to" ....Marian.
"Emotional support is fine, but there is the practical support I got from SAH as well. I mean, I had difficulty with all the forms to fill in...Things like the death certificate and the compensation forms as well" ....Patrick
"When you are trying to sleep at night its amazing how things pop into your head and you can be distraught. Talking about this with my counsellor from SAH helped me enormousley."...Edel


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